A view on Life Management Platforms from @kuppingercole



I was invited out to speak at EIC this year. It was very good to catch up with so many familiar faces and have some very well rounded discussions.  Lots of the material is on their podcast here

One particular phrase Martin Kuppinger from Kuppinger Cole spoke to was Life Management Platforms and this links to a free report from him and this as a wider blog from Martin on the topic Intention and Attention – how Life Management Platforms can improve Marketing

Life Management Platforms are not “Personal Data Stores” in the sense of adding “apps” to the data stores and being able to work with different personal data stores. The concept is allow data to be consumed but not unveil that data – in contrast to a data store which just could provide or allow access to personal data. Conceptually a Life Management Platform will enable you to control whom to inform about a “social” event.

It is this point that I find difficult.  I believe we all want to give users controls, as control is not possible, but do users really want this level of granularity and will they ever understand it.  I can only assume we will have this level when we introduce voice or gesture based user interfaces, that would allow us to provide the intent about what should happen to my data, assuming that this I have already signed it away to get access to a “free service”