Identity unconference/ workshop London 11th June with @identitywoman



We have a large and growing group in the UK and London of those interested in: identity, user centric identity, internet identity, vrm, personal data, digital lockers, digital footprint, personal identifiable data (pii) and personal data eco-systems…. So we have decided to try and bring the community together and start a regular (monthly) meet-up/ open working space/ un-conference/ discussion/ for us to meet up and move forward with sharing and achieving.

The first session will be a classic un-conference insomuch that the agenda will be created live by attendees present at the opening of the day. Doors will open at 8:00 with coffee, we will offer a light lunch and more coffee. About 17.00 we will wrap up with summaries, networking and a few beers. 

The purpose is to move forward the conversation and solutions on how people manage their own identity across websites, services, companies and organisations we participate or associate with and places and service that we purchase from….

Title: Identity, Data, Projects and Activities

Style: Un-Conference Workshop

Date: 11th June

Time: 08.00 until 18.30

Price: as per web site – max is £45 + VAT

Location: Innovation Warehouse

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The workshop will be facilitated by Kaliya Hamlin, Identity Woman

Executive Director - Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium

Internet Identity Workshop - Co-Founder, Co-Producer, Co-Facilitator