Your digital footprint gives signals that relate to value.... unless you "like" something


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Some scenarios to think about

Digital footprints are about how your data describes you - but as we start to game (gamification) with you and how you react, do we loose the purity of the signal?


option 1; your "like" is being bought by the competitions that say "like me and get a free iPad"  - you have been bought

option 2; your "like" is earned as you decide that you "like" something for a reason

             the original reason "A Facebook Like is supposed to show a user’s approval of a brand, product or piece of content"

option 3; Your "like" brings value to you and the community - self interest

Experian Hitwise calculated that a Like generates 20 visits to brand sites;

Deals platform ChompOn reckons a Like is worth $8, a Twitter follow worth $2 and an individual tweet worth $2 in additional sales of deals on its services.

study by the CMO Council shows your likes can be gamed by asking you to enter a competition. Incentives are a common way to drive up Twitter followers, get positive "customer" reviews, posts and tweets and generate word of mouth. Sites like ReviewMe and Buy Twitter Followers even allow you to skip the incentive and buy results.

The outcome

Your SIGNALS are not pure and "Like" become  meaningless. Back to the drawing board - how do I find out what you "like" so I can sell you more?