Disqus research suggests people using pseudonyms leave better comments

Disqus analyzed 500,000 comments made via their platform and found (shocker) that digital citizens using fictitious names (pseudonyms and persona), are actually responsible for the highest quantity and quality of comments on the web. They determined that 61 percent of its commenter's use pseudonyms, 35 percent remain anonymous and just 4 percent log in with Facebook to comment with their real identity.

The average commenter using a pseudonym contributed 6.5 times more than anonymous commenters and 4.7 times more than commenters identifying with Facebook,”

These partially veiled commenters are also soliciting more “likes” and replies — positive quality signals, according to Disqus — than their anonymous and real name counterparts. Sixty-one percent of comments made by people using pseudonyms showed positive quality signals, while 51 percent of comments from those using their real names and 34 percent from the anonymous types possessed positive quality signals.

And what is the implication?

Google/ Twitter and Facebook centre on "identity" or at least an ability to track and Disqus thrives on comments. Disqus’ wants to show users will leave better comments when they can choose how they want to represent themselves.  Next round to the identity boys.....