VRM thinking about supply chain eco-systems and impact on terms @dhinchcliffe @dsearls


Original Article http://dionhinchcliffe.com/2011/09/12/exceeding-the-benefits-of-complexity-a-fractal-model-for-the-social-business-era/

This is more of a personal reference as thinking about VRM and Doc Searls work on changing who delivers the terms in the supply chain and the effects on the ecosystem, and his new book The Intention Economy

Am thinking that as we move from a world where the last supplier in the chain defines the price based on some economics from a blend of brand, quality, availability and relationship to one where we add Privacy/ your Data to the equation.  This new term and condition says that I will either remain anonymous (hide my data), you can have (and exploit) this data for one use, you can have all my data ( some my digital locker) for one use, you can have some data for one use, and many other combinations getting to you can have all my data and everything else I generate for forever.  In doing so I can now determine a different pricing model as I have a new variable.   Doc Searls work defines the user as the person who defines these terms, I think it will be a mixture of the last supplier in the chain and the user.   What Dion suggests in this thinking is that there is no supply chain so anyone in the supply chain can offer terms or accept them if defined by the VRM model.

So the question is how will being about to define your data usage change the eco-system.......probably best to think about this post the England: Wales Ruby game today!