You may not be on page one of Google but you can be found


Unsurprisingly I read a lot about “digital footprints” and have several daily feeds.  Everyday there is at least one story of someone saying that they have no digital footprint as they cannot be found by their most favoured search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, RoW). I am not surprised that so many find digital identity, footprint and reputation extremely hard concepts to grasp.

Whilst we know page rank is the Google algorithm for indexing, what appears to be missing is the understanding that your own page, blog, quote, newspaper article may not be that interesting to everyone and that others do have the same name as you (I am aware of over 600 other Tony Fish’s – excluding those called Tony who own Fish and Chip shops)

Just because you are not listed in Google does not mean you don’t have a digital footprint.  Indeed most of you data will be in private data silos owned by a corporate think about your loyalty card providers, your bank, your ISP or mobile phone operator.