What are the inputs for social signals and digital footprints?

We are on the look out in the digital world for social signals, spikes, pulses, wave and trends and how they are combine to delivery value propositions such as authority, influence and reputation

In the physical we are trying to take a known set of inputs and create algorithms so we can interpret what is happening.  However human interaction is not just about the here and now but has deep dependencies on personal history; which introduces a degree of randomness.

It is no easier to look for these interpretations when we start to look in detail at what digital data could tell us.  In the book I took a long deep look at what you can do with this data and concluded the value was in the analysis not in the collection.

Whilst there are some obvious differences between physical social signals and digital ones an important one is about collection of data as in the physical world you have to collect face, distance and audio data before you can start to work what is going on. 

Social Signal (physical)

Social Signals & Digital Footprint inputs


Facebook Like or Google +1 responses

Number of friends & connections


Number of mentions & replies

On-line history and IP data


Appearance in lists



Blogs, tweets  & comments

Recommendations from you


Location and Routes & routines

Attitude to privacy settings

Vocal behaviour

3rd party reviews of your data

Email, SMS, BBM and IM data

Unfriending & unfollow

Personal details

TV  and viewing history

Purchase history



Clicks & key strokes

Device history

Words & grammar

Recommendations about you