somehow we are going to have to pay for free, the question remains where ?

Been looking at Flux. Simple proposition.  Aggregation of all your receipts and loyalty into one place. #loveit

The power; [in terms of control of your data and what happens to it, how gets to exploit it and what rights you have] shifts from one silo ( the retailer and the bank) to Flux.  It moves from the relationship collector (who you interact with) to a new third party. (intermediary)

So here is convenience for you, as these services improve your customer experience, at the expense of data, it is trade we make with having to determine the consequences. 

Your data is spread out to a new layer who now needs to monitise data to thrive.  The players who now have access to and want to monitise your data goes up.  More competition usually means a lower price, in this case to access your data.   Given some of the players have a direct business relationship with you for products and services ( how your data is generated)  - reselling your data is incremental.  However for the new intermediary it is their model, but all the players have the same data, therefore price might be an issue.  Indeed some players will have richer data.

Just thinking through that moving data from one silo to a new silo, and hoping that this new silo's ability to monitise my data for survival, when there is little or no difference in the data they have;  might not be a long term game.  

Somewhere we are going to have to pay for free, the question remains where ?