several ways to "hang" yourself




Some interesting correspondence following yesterdays post about "Being a professional and having social anonymity is a crime"

These images are my response to "How to 'hang' yourself in public and why we should hide"

  • You can do it your self (or with the aid of some enemies)
  • You can present your achievements in a public place
  • You can do something stupid
  • You can misunderstand the term

Within the context of a digital footprint why is this important.   Digital footprints are about what you say about yourself and what others say about you.

You can control what you say about your self

You probably are unaware of what data you have provided about yourself and to who and who they will use it

You don't control what others say about you (unless they break the law)

You have no idea what data there is out there that links to you from your network


Given this, behave like a professional and you will probably have a digital footprint to be proud of which describes you and your digital interactions and create value for you and for others.