pipl - is it a guide to how search results will change when search grows up?



Pipl is yet another personal search service based on your digital footprint.   If you don't know where to look for data about yourself then this is a (good) dashboard .  However where is the value?  If I compare to Linkedin/ Facebook where I can see the connections and who knows who - I can 'see and touch' the value.  

It does however affirm an issue with generic search results and that is the layout you get ( a ranked list based on a proprietary algorithm) as a return is great for some types searches.  I like the new Google Images return/ response/dashboard to a search, and I expect when Google gets Google profile or google.me working than how pipl have designed their return page will be useful as a guide to them, but not sure what their business model is.   

My take away, I expect to see search return pages (dashboards) become more specific to the type of search that I am undertaking.  And that has got me thinking what are the categories that require unique/ specific responses and not just a generic list where you can buy your way to the top.

Obvious one's to me are (i.e search results displayed in a specific way based on what I am looking for - rather than a list)

people, suppliers, local, maps, images, videos, definitions, knowledge, research, forms, government, technology, comparison, ideas, art, travel....