Is social media just a new rock and roll?


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This one is a thought providing piece on Social Media saying that SM is for this generation the rock and roll of previous generations - worth listening to.

my view is that I like the analogy draw up but I am not sure if I agree with it all but it did made me think.

One aspect to consider is why the youth love technology/ social media?  One answer is (based on a massive amount of real research by FT/ Orange) is that technology/social media gives kids a place to go where parents don't have control.

This idea fits well with what the article says and to the roots behind other generational gaps/ ideals/ fashions.

If social is a place where "we" go today as parents don't have control, with all these new controls there will be new opportunities as the new generation or youth find a place where their parents (or heaven forbid) grandparents are not.