Who do you think you are? #mdfp


I am interested in what makes up my digital footprint.  Aaron Zinman  (MIT) work on personas was first presented in 2009.  At that point I entered my name and have just been back to see if any thing has changed.

My issue is my name Tony Fish, of which there are several interpretations:-

  1. I am not the only person called Tony Fish. A quick search on Linkedin  Facebook 123People shows there are lots. I have spoken to over 80 of them from across the world including US, Australia, UK and New Zealand.  I am trying to link more off http://www.tonyfish.com
  2. There are a lot men called Tony who like fishing, therefore most images of Tony Fish are Tony holding his catch.  Google Images, Flickr
  3. There are a lot of Tony’s Fish restaurants.  The most popular one at the moment is based in Canada, they have done well on social media Tony's Fish & Oyster Cafe
  4. There is a semi-famous Tony Fish – who is actor in MadMen and the odd one from Taiwan


So when comparing my old and new results – very little has changed, as what I do is lost in the volume of data about Tony and his Fish and it does not really tell me who I am.


My company AMF Ventures does stand out any more than my name due to AMF Bowling and the French public body that acts to safeguard investments, but I am not sure where the religion and medical connections come from.