What's your Digital Footprint ? #mdfp



Knowing that your or my digital footprint is what I say about myself, what others say about me and it is how we react to our content within the community. However, digital footprint data is also about information that electronic devices automatically add to content, location, attention, how I reached something, who sent me the content, who I send it on to.

Also read this post  http://blog.mydigitalfootprint.com/when-you-cross-this-line-updated-definition-o


Therefore I am considering using this model/diagram to help explain My Digital Footprint, Your Digital Footprint and what digital footprints are about.   Love any feedback to make this a simple model.


On it's own your digital footprint has little value - yes it provides a representation (if open, honest and transparent) of the physical you, therefore can link to reputation and identity. However, you trade yourself and your data in the exchange for free web services (search, email etc). Knowing how to reach you and your interests and who you influence is some of the important value from your digital footprint.