Events 'erased' from memory #mdfp


On 25th March 2010 BBC radio4 ran an interview with Dr Emily Holmes on Events 'erased' from memory

Scientists have made great progress in recent years in understanding the neural processes involved in memory making and that you have 6 hours to disrupt trauma memory, and are beginning to look to developing cures for phobias and treatments for post-traumatic stress disorder.  Sounds like a very positive step, but leaves open the question that does this chip away at what makes us human. “Who we are is a product of life times experience and a memory of that journey”

Recently on Facebook I have been back in contact with a few old school mates with a 25 year gap.  We have been trying to get a list of those who were in our form, and proving that some were obviously more notorious than others. On one site I have the benefit that there is now a community of others who were at school with me and can confirm who I am and that I was there. No escape, but this does provide a positive validation of my reputation, a big plus side of my digital footprint. 

Left pondering, how close is the link between validation of past and current digital reputation?