MOD is interested in your cyber life #mdfp


On 22 Apr 2010, CDE will host a seminar on behalf of the Cyber and Influence Science and Technology Centre, which will include a call for innovative research proposals.

CDE provides a rapid response with a range of advice, assistance and research funding. To help you better understand the challenges and needs of the UK’s Armed Forces, CDE hosts regular Seminars as an opportunity to meet MOD experts and decision makers.

register here - Influence Through Cyber Space 

Whilst Defence activities are known primarily for their physical effect upon the real world (RW), there is increasing interest in their ability to create effects, by means of military influence activities, in the cognitive domain, often described in terms of the 'battle for hearts and minds'. Whilst capabilities to analyse and understand human behavious and attitudes do exist, these have focused on people in the physical world: there has been relatively little emphasis on how behavious and attitudes are revealed and can be shaped by, online activity within the 'new media'. Cyberspace thus represents a new and challenging area of research for human and social scientists and as a domain within which Influence can be exerted. At this seminar a call will be launched. This call for research therefore aims to explore how human and social behavious is manifest in the virtual worlds of cyberspace.