What is the word for “The Fear of loss of community?” or “The fear of losing togetherness”

This commentary is following a call with Charlotte Valeur, we were chatting about the status of the economy, the future of governance and current issues with oversight.  We focussed on burnout and breakdown as we are seeing friends and staff suffering.  She mentioned a new fear, “The fear of losing togetherness.”  We explored this for some time as zoom/ hangouts/ Teams and all the other video chats, along with email and everything digital does not create togetherness.  Digital gives a different perspective on community, communication and exchanges.  

What is the word that captures a new 2020 fear; “The Fear of Loss of Community/ Connectedness?” or “The Fear of Losing Togetherness”

What is the word that captures a new 2020 fear; “The Fear of Loss of Community/ connectedness?” or “The Fear of Losing Togetherness” (FOLT)  Here are two lists (One, Two) of fears and below are a few that are relevant, but we don’t appear to have a word for what a video call does in creating the loss of human connection when there is no alternative. 

FOLT is a contender by lame, so how about ADEUPHOBIA or TOGEPHOBIA as the new situational phobia. ADU as in Homo Deus - picking up on Yuri's thinking

Autophobia:  The Fear of being alone

Mazephobia: The Fear of being lost or getting lost 

FOMA: Fear Of Missing Out

Thanatophobia: The Fear of Death or losing a loved one (The fear of loss)

Monophobia: The Fear of Being Alone

SAD: Separation Anxiety Disorder