A model to help you determine where are you on your business data journey?

I have just finished a series of 4 calls with a total of over 70 Managing Directors, CEO’s and senior executives organised by Google Cloud and Appsbroker.  The purpose of the series was to explore what is emerging in oversight and corporate governance for a Board Director in light of data becoming a critical business requirement for growth, performance and decision efficacy.  

Each of us is on a journey from “no data” to “lots of data”, as we know that data will help and support our businesses to become more relevant and valued, leading to thriving and growing.  The variation of data expertise and knowledge is understandably wide given that different verticals have had to embrace data at different times, with some only just starting.  Therefore, what can we all learn from the early pioneers of data in decision making for better outcomes? 

We are starting to organise series 2, if you are interested in joining the community, drop me a note, and I will add you. This post is a summary of series 1 learnings, summarising the stages companies find themselves in and where we will end up helping them.