A little off topic ....Why Radical Transparency Is Good Business, anyone ant to chat over a coffee?


I registered two domains a while back www.OpenGovernance.og and www.OpenGovernance.net  and when I read this HBR article it reminded me why…. Why Radical Transparency Is Good Business…..

The original idea came about as I was reading some new articles of association for a new company I have founded with Simon Grice. It came to me that so much of company policy was formed when communication were limited by pony express, seals and letters.

Anyway this started a process that we are now living at iNeed  (the new company) where we are put together an investors page (we raised £50k on CrowdCube) which is based on radical openness and we are also aiming at changing the whole process of openness and transparency

I would love to find someone else who is interested in this topic to chat about it over a coffee