Who creates identity - not me!


Who creates your identity and what is a better one to identity you? [assuming you know for what!]

·        Your government – yes certificates

·        Your education – yes providing you with an approach, attitude, ability to adapt, reason and apply

·        Your parents – yes the physical and basis of a viewpoint

·        Your family and friends – yes the feedback and refinement

·        My influencers, filters and those I follow – those who change or challenge me

·        My news – that which I like and which confirms I am right

·        My bias – the way I am that I like to have reinforced

·        My beliefs that I like – will remain irrespective of circumstance

·        Me - my behaviour, habits, routes and routines

Is My Identity is just a mashup of (My Digital Footprint) what has happened to me and those I chose to change me or enforce what I already am?