good read about the "Tenets of Digital Trust"

Good thinking

Authenticity is essentially the digital identifiers that are associated with someone and the confidence in whatever system generates those identifiers, that they represent the same person when repeated.

Verifiability is the degree of your ability to establish the authenticity of someone, either actually in person or via another trusted person or system.  It typically precipitates and helps build authenticity, and comes into question when something unexpected or important happens.

Security is the confidence in the integrity of the computing system both that you're using, and that the other person is using.  There's less trust when using public terminals or if suspicious dialogs happen on your own system, and equally so you wouldn't share something important to a friend who's using a possibly compromised system.

Transparency is all about user interface and messaging, it's how clear and consistent the tools and dialogs are in communicating what is happening.  It's about creating complete expectations and delivering within those without trying to hide anything.

Consistency is the complete experience over time and the most obvious one. Fundamentally, does the interface and do the identifiers create a predictable pattern that build confidence in someones digital experience.