Mobile usage is highest among teenagers - but who controls the screen?

Mobile usage is highest among teenagers  From VentureBeat  by Tom Cheredar on 8th June 11

The teenage demographic spends the least amount of time watching television, talking on the phone or using personal computers, according to a Nielsen report about how young people engage media. Mobile technology appears to be what they use most.

Teens are using text messages to communicate with their social circle over twice as much as any other demographic, the report states. And teens also watch more mobile video content than any other demographic.

The 12 to 17 age demographic viewed an average of 7 hours 13 minutes of mobile video per month in Q4 2010, while the general population viewed an average of only 4 hours 20 minutes.

Not surprisingly, the report also states that mobile advertising has the greatest impact on teenagers.

Implication is for which screen:

There is no surprises here – however the youth are leading on using [interacting with] several screens at the same time. The debate now is about is this a master slave screen scenario or are all screens equal (companions) as this will determine who has control [access] to the data……