Business maths and equations that help justify any business case!



When trend is greater than the ROI of putting your pants on get out of bed

Network effect equals one divide by the square root of zero

Structure plus performance equals one divided by (serendipity + innovation)

Poor business case times large outreach equals waste of everyone's time

Measurement by accounting methods equals stupidity divided by loss of possible shareholder value

Determination to blog and tweet equals (value of data divided) by (persistence times decay)

Sound business case plus low outreach equals nice niche campaign

A good days work equals productivity less tweeting less blogging less talking less thinking

High exit value equals hype plus greed plus bubble

Probability of getting it right first time equals network plus family wealth plus hyping trend

entrepreneurship = motivation times number of customer squared  [e = mc2]

Propensity of accessing Facebook in bed equals your age divided by number of kids