Is cost about to become a barrier for mobile innovation?


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I propose that the cost of Mobile innovation is about change…..

  1. When there was a limited number of applications in the apps store it was relatively simple to get to the top
  2. Getting to the top of a list was easier when you only competed with a few others and the relative number of downloads was “small”
  3. Few leading app stores enabled concentration of resources on those
  4. Innovation (doing something different) was mass market and not niche
  5. Number of mobile platforms and version was limited and launching on one was sufficient
  6. Stand alone works but is not enough to compete for the top slot

Mobile innovation is growing up and it has become all about experience and experience has a cost, but will the economics be good enough to make it viable and will the start-up guys be left behind as it becomes a game to be played with those with deep pockets?