iCorrect and other services setting for your digital footprint stright


Icorrect claims to be a repository for corrections to lies, misinformation and misrepresentations.  It looks like it wants to become the source of facts.  However, as the car crash scenario shows facts and truth are often not related. [Driver  1 – you ran into me, Drive 2 – you reversed into me. Fact there was a car crash. Truth about what happened is more difficult to establish]

Protecting your reputation online is probably your responsibility and whilst the law does afford some protection for invasion of privacy and liable, the ultimate responsibility is yours.  

QuickRepair is one of many “internet reputation repair services” that set out to “repair”/ change/ hide your reputation.  


It is better to start from a premise of being a professional and deliver what you say and correct with grace and speed than pay for a clean up?