How much are you worth as a Facebook Fan


Original article on AdWeek  Value of a 'Fan' on Social Media: $3.60

What’s the value of a Facebook Fan?  According to the research from Vitue a Facebook Page with 1 million fans is worth a minimum of $3.6 million in earned media annually.

Based on their own inventory Vitrue, who manages over 45 million fans sampled data across varying pages from digital entertainment to retail to B2B to CPG to publishers to quick serve restaurants, has determined a wall post impression to Fan ratio. How many impressions can a single wall post receive? And it looks like 1:1 (0.96:1 to be exact).

This means a 1 million Fan Facebook Page can average 1 million impressions with a single post to the wall. Factor frequency; a two post per day strategy would garner approximately 60 million impressions per month. As these impressions are practically free, similar to earned media, they replaced a CPM value to earned media. They factored a “conservative” $5 CPM - how much would you pay for highly targeted impressions? This final assumption gives their 1 million fan page $300,000 in earned media per month or $3.6 million annually.

1M impressions x 2 posts x 30 days = 60M impressions
60M impressions / 1000 x $5 CPM = $300,000