Color (the new app) has no privacy but opens the way for a rainbow of trust!


Serial entrepreneur Bill Nguyen has launched Color, which is described as a "proximity-based social network" and has no privacy settings but think "photo-sharing app", though text and video are also supported. Color has raised $41 million in seed and Series A rounds from Sequoia Capital, Bain Capital and Silicon Valley Bank and Peter Pham, (Photobucket) is the co-founder and they have stolen LinkedIn Chief Scientist DJ Patil to lead a team.

What is different: Rather than "friending" or "following", Color’s users simply post pictures and serendipity is applied as other users of the app will see pictures that the Color algorithm has determined are relevant to them. A "Color based relationship" is implicit rather than explicit. Users will see other pictures posted recently or near their current location, as well as pictures posted by other members they’ve expressed an interest in by looking at, liking or commenting on their content.  Want more read Bruce Upbin here  or this  or this

There is no privacy setting and everything posted on Color is public, with Color owning the rights to all content on the service (though users can delete their own uploads, but that is a useless feature)

Why of interest: Color introduces a new concept that we can add to family & friends.  It is not one we choose for every, but one we like at this moment based on what we are doing at that time.   

In the book I wrote about the Rainbow of Trust as a method of segmentation.  Color bring about the next step in the ability to segment based on something other than your demographics and for that this is worth watching.