What Digital Footprint means to others #mdfp


image from the BBC

Words are both a blessing and a curse; phrases are fashionable, colloquial and always misinterpreted.  Today at the dentist I was told I had a “communication” and that got me thinking about how we use the same word in different professions and how the same phrase communicates different things depending on location and intent.  My interest here is “Digital Footprint” and here are the most common interpretations I found today….

  1. Digital Footprint is an term that helps educate our children about the dangers of being on-line; followed by the following advise; if in doubt don’t do it and if you do it will be found (probably the most popular use)
  2. Digital Footprint describes the data you leave in the Internet from your keyboard and mouse.
  3. Digital Footprint is the data you leave in the cloud from you all your interactions, creating and consuming, passive and active with all digital devices.
  4. Digital Footprints describe your digital identity and digital reputation.
  5. A Digital Footprint is your history of financial transactions.
  6. A Digital Footprint in the area that an integrated circuit/chip/silicon occupies
  7. Digital footprint is the footprint (area) that a digital device occupies when placed on a surface (least Popular)

My insight from this is that more is needed to gain common ground and bring about insight.