Open debate on value of digital footprint - London 25th March


Come and join in an open debate in London on Thursday evening from 18.00 at GSMA offices

Our digital identity, digital reputation and digital footprint are creating value and wealth. As users we get some services for free but is this a fair barter for your data and privacy. Now that marketers can target you with pinpoint accuracy with the data and information you have shared, should we be demanding more.

In the chapter of my book on implementation issues with “My Digital Footprint” I focussed on the bonds and bridges between risk, privacy and trust. On Thursday evening this week (25th March) at mashup* I will be chairing a public session which is addressing these implementation issues . The debate will focus on the value of the digital you, we will explore how data is being gathered [with and without your knowledge and the uniqueness that mobile brings], reality mining, how these behavioural and technological changes are affecting the marketing and privacy industries and what we can expect from the regulator as the companies can now focus on only those with discretionary income and ignore those who have no economic benefit – a real digital divide which is not acknowledged in the current Digital Bill.

We know from the dark side of digital footprint data which invasion of liberty or privacy, snooping, identity fraud and the subsequent abuse of your data costs £25 per person in the UK Counter to this value could be the market cap of Google (March 2010) divided across the number of users which is £50 per person.  Therefore your digital data has value – it is fragmented but how can you or someone else access the value?

You should be there is you are in PR, marketing, branding, security, fraud, data management, sitting on data, in a mobile operator or device team seeking differentiation, interested in customer loyalty or concerned about abuse. You can register and join in at

Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday evening, the event is being hosted by the GSMA at their London Offices in New Fetter Lane