Reputation Is Dead: It's Time To Overlook Our Indiscretions #mdfp

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My comments on the blog post from Michael Arrington of TechCrunch

I am comment 248 in a long line or rant and raves at TechCrunch, in true Arrington style he asserted that individual opinions are so wide spread that you cannot control or mange your online reputation and ultimately the public will grow immune to any indiscretions. 


From what I read the post and the comments miss some critically important points:

  1. the web is a live feedback model – what is described in the original post and many of the comments hark back to the old linear print model, simple in and out. The web is feedback, hone, improve, context and build.
  2. reputation is not just about “PC, in whatever form it is” generated data, it is about unique mobile data, PC and TV data and mobile data that adds to your reputation is way more important than some small blog about that party lsat week …..     PC crew, get over it, mobile is the new black
  3. Reputation is an output from analysis – not an input
  4. Reputation is partly about what you say, do and who you do it with and when, but also and importantly what others say and do about and with you. Who do you influence and who influences you.  Some old rant and rave is not important, where you did it and with who is the data that remains and becomes reputation.
  5. Reputation is not about control – it is about the ability to trade and barter – your reputation is more that your pictures, it is the “key” or “passport” to services and value.
  6. Digital data, Digital Footprint, Digital reputation, Digital Identity is about collecting data, analysing the data and as a business creating value for the user. Taking the feedback from immediacy of use (web, mobile value) from you and your social crowd to improve or create new.

Therefore part agree with the no control and don’t bother trying, however disagree, this data set is the next battle ground for the web.