Twitter and Dark screens


As per my last post, the dark screen is where content goes when it moves from the lit screen, one you are reading from now, off the bottom.  Rather like my last post is now.  The majority of the web is dark screen and some of it is worth bringing back but most of it becomes our digital footprint.  It is there and can be analysed to create a reputation.

Guy Kawasaki was kind enough to tweet about my book on Jan 19th. “@guykawasaki Who owns your digital data? /by @tonyfish new book on the topic #mdfp

Here are several interesting facts.  It generated over 300 hits to the site within 10 sec and 10 minutes of his tweet. It would appear that re-tweets generated 100 hits from 10 minutes to 15 after the original post.   As many people who follow Guy also follow many others, Guy’s tweet lasts on their lit screen for a very short time.  Guy’s advise – re-tweet 3 times, if you only see his tweets once, it is working.

The more generic question is how long does social media data last on the lit screen.  I can see that there is now a definition problem I can see as there is a passive lit screen, what is in-front of you without the need to scroll down and active lit screen, stuff that requires your interaction, but that is a dark screen.

This one needs a debate.