Data in Cap tables .... Capography founded by @timraybouldand @ticketleap.

Capography is a start-up finance resource for founders and aspiring entrepreneurs founded by @timraybould and @ticketleap.

Being an entrepreneur and knowing how to do your startup’s capitalisation table require special skills and time. A cap table lists who owns what in a startup. With each investment round, the valuation of your company changes as more people are involved.

You sometimes have to manage options and warrants for your employees as well. Maintaining a cap table is important to know what everyone gets paid in case of an exit.

Capography has adopted a freemium model. You can maintain your cap table for free as long as there are fewer than 20 people on your cap table. When you have more stakeholders than that, you will have to pay $199 per year. It is based in Philadelphia and about 600 startups are using it to manage their cap table.

Just love it - well done but can they draw anything from the data?