What are we worth if 1M Facebook fans only turns up c.826 likes and 309 comments per post


Simplify360 has been exploring the relationship between the number of Facebook fans and engagement level to reveal that on an average, each new post generates 826 likes and 309 comments. The starting point was 50 Facebook fan pages with a random mix of brands from all over the world from consumer brands, to sports teams, to celebrities.

What it tells us that there is some engagement but not a lot.  I would like to see the coloration of the noisy ones to see if it is many people or just a few.

This also misses sentiment and they miss a lot by defining Liking Rate and Commenting Rate as the average ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ a post would generate if the number of fans for the page is normalized to one million. Only posts by the page admin are considered for the study.

Overall – it says that the content was not written to generate comment, engagement, conversation or relationship….