Unintended consequences - New Privacy Laws in India and China Could Make IT Outsourcing Ugly


An good article has been posted on BNET  titled "New Privacy Laws in India and China Could Make IT Outsourcing Ugly"  worth reading in full.

Essentially the article by Eric Sherman points forward the issues that new privacy laws being proposed by India and China could make the task of outsourcing very mush more difficult. Specially there is a call from the US government for the following:

  • Those that hold personal data must receive explicit consent to divulge that data to third parties.
  • There are specific restrictions “during the collection, processing, use, transfer and maintenance of personal information.”
  • Personal data cannot be exported unless specifically allowed by law or government authorities.


The implication is that we must be prepared for the real cost of protecting data  however are we in danger of paying to guard some data that is already public and some that has close to no other value.

Whatever the case there are always unintended consequences of both overly protecting data and not protecting data that has value and getting the right balance will mean some compromises.