TED video on the Game Framework/ Dynamic - and how to build one.


Life is a Game – it is just that most of it is not well designed.

This video suggests that now the social web is built, we can move to the game dynamic and make the web fun, some is already here (Loyalty cards – first level of game, just not well implemented). This moves a digital footprint from being one you generate to one that you are forced to add to.  Elsewhere this is called Behavioural Economics.

Four key game dynamics that can influence you

Appointment – do something at a predefined time.  Forcing interactions and removing freewill.  Examples are Happy Hour, Farmville, taking medicine on time,

Influence and status – personal desire.  Examples are credit card colour, modern warfare game, exam results

Progression dynamic – need to complete and doing something to unlock rewards.  Linkedin; you are only 85% complete. 

Communal discovery – find and source the best.