Feeding the web with your data creates .....


Feeding the web with digital footprint data - could be rather like the story played out in the Little Shop of Horrors 1986

Innocently a young person discovers something that looks interesting (youTube, Blogger, Flickr, eBay, Amazon, Google, Twitter, Facebook)  Something or someone upsets our young innocent and they post a cleverly phrased, acid-keyboard missive to the blog in order to “get it off their chest” and starts to feed the Web.

Everyone starts to read and comment. The wise ignore, friends sympathise, some express vicarious outrage, and still more provide impotent promises of retaliation.

The young innocent (Seymour), who would have probably forgotten and moved on, now becomes obsessed with the Web (Audrey) because they have received so much new input and ideals. They start check in on the Web to monitor the growth.  Their digital footprint has grown exponentially; engorged and hyperbolic by the very community that was only supposed to read and offer support.

There is no stop button and the web now has its own life and starts to suck in more people, claiming new victims and there is not tax, switching off doesn’t make it go away.

Feed me Seymour, feed me