Qualifying our view on why we share and don’t share data!

The question, “Is peanut butter good or bad for me?” frames many of the issues with questions that we pose. Peanut butter is neither good nor bad per say but a binary question ignores the complexity of the response that is needed.

Is sharing data good or bad misses the complexity of what we believe, however qualifying why we do and don’t share data enables us to explore a more nuanced response. Fundamentally any question about sharing data should embrace two different starting positions and understand their impact on outcomes irrespective of agreements; we either believe that sharing data (in this case right now) increases value or decreases value.

Why we share data
Why we don’t share data
I believe in transparency
Transparency is a lie
It will improve communication
Communication will not improve
I trust you
I don’t trust you
As a sign of commitment
Sharing is not commitment
Value for me will be created
You will get the value
I have nothing to hide
I prefer not to say
It will bring more integrity
Sharing and integrity are not correlated
Sharing improves honesty
Sharing does not make you honest
It delivers proof
Data is not proof
It makes me accountable
Sharing will not make me accountable
It demonstrates leadership
Sharing is for followers
There is joy in sharing
Sharing has unintended consequences
Sharing allows us to solve problems
We don’t need to share to solve problems
Data allows the right question to be asked
Data is biased and only gives the outcome you want
Sharing is a human quality
Sharing is foolish
To be a good citizen 
Sharing does not you a better citizen 
It will make my life easier
Analysis is too biased and they are selling you want they want anyway
It means i get the right service/ product
You will get what you deserve
It improves flow and remove friction
Friction is not a coefficient of sharing
Sharing is an exchange
Sharing is one way
Asked to
Told to
I understand the risks
FUD means risk
Everyone else shares
No one else shares - why should I?
Privacy is dead anyway
Privacy trumps
Law protects me
Law protects others
There are rules and policies
Lack of clarity on interruption of rules and policies
I am protected
I am not protected
There are security experts
There is no security 
I am happy to share
I prefer to hide and withhold
On balance I feel sharing is beneficial
On balance I feel sharing has too many risks and unknowns