Is this what moving banking now looks like: Open Banking comes of age @annboden

I have been a long term NatWest customer.  A long time ago Barclays, whom I first opened an account with refused to give me a loan for my MBA.  I walked into the next branch and that was NatWest.  A short time later a loan approved and I moved banks. 

To keep life easy over time I opted to open business accounts with NatWest as it saved all the time for proofs and documentation.  During the joyous 2008 financial problems, NatWest post government help had to sell on their business banking.  Hence the mess I am now in.  Accounts everywhere. 

I have gone from one login, one app, one ID to many apps, many logins including many NatWest versions, which all now don't work as their cookie policy is a mess and leaves all sorts of nasty follow/ remember me stuff.  "have come to love and value incognito" 

To aid me in a new decision I had a lovely email this morning.  "We originally planned to do this by setting up a new bank – Williams & Glyn – which you were due to move to, but that’s no longer going ahead. Instead, the Business Banking Switch proposal was approved by the European Commission in 2017."  Please move bank, but it does not say what happens if I don't.

So this has become a much wider decision for me.  One bank used to be very helpful as the level of integration and movement of money was simple, single manager. 

Open Banking and faster payment rails has removed that.  

Apps now allow me one view

Bank mangers are now a call center staff selling me stuff

Protection of money (repeat 2008) was an issue, given the caps, roll up and branding that is far to complex

So which one.  Metro, whom I love but Anthony Thomson is now is Oz as chair for :86400 or Starling Bank @annboden  

Let's move to Starling as I have no reason why I should not .... how times have changed but let's see how easy it is in practice !   more soon !


Why we're asking you to consider a new bank
In 2008 and 2009 we received financial support from the UK Government. As a result, we made a commitment to help increase competition in UK business banking and reduce our market share. Business Banking Switch is the incentivised switching scheme that's been set up to make this happen.