Unlocking the Value of Personal Data

Source: https://www.unboundid.com/blog/2013/05/29/unlocking-the-value-of-personal-data/ this is a Katie O’Brien post on UnBounded ID and she brings up the “shift from controlling data collection to focusing on data usage.”

The reason for this blog is that I am an advocate of users being able to know where there data is.  I cannot subscribe to user controlled data as it is just not practicable and I cannot subscribe to personal lockers as this becomes the weakest point. However, I do subscribe to an idea that a user should know where their data is, be able to correct it if it is wrong and be able to say that some data is a primary source and other places are copies.  Control does not exist and rights may only be granted in some instances. I don’t want to store my data, I just want the link to where the data is.
Obviously this becomes more difficult if an agency is intercepting my data on route and storing it off line. #NAS #PRISON The issue being that if I do have some control over my data, those with a copy will be  outside of this and therefore will always be one step behind rather than one step in front. Therefore thinking that in the long term, agency coping data from interception is probably good news for privacy as it is likely to always be out of date.
Just thinking