Questions that I cannot see Personal Lockers addressing

If data is….

My transaction data. Data from any, all and every transaction – spending, investment, bills, gifts, selling and free –

Environment Data.  Where you are, what your environment is like, wind speed, temperature, gas usage, petrol consumption – everything., : 

Quantified self. Sensor Data from Google Glass, Nike+ sportwatch, Zeo sleep manage, Omron blood pressure monitor, Accu-Check blood glucose meterFitbit Flex wristband, Sportline heart rate monitor, MoodScope log and 1,000’s of sport apps on your smartphone.  Should the data be in silo or under my control or both?

Routes and Routine data.   All your geo data,

Content Data.  All data about how you create, use, consume, generate, recommend, share, about you, generate for any and all types of media and content – too many to mention

Medical data. You and your families medical records

Behaviour and emotions data.  Emotional responses and how you have reacted to stimulus such as advertising and

Authority.  Data about your given by a third party with authority – birth certificate, tax number

Questions that I cannot see Personal Lockers addressing

Do I want all this data in one place or do I just need to know where it is?
Do I want to manage it or let someone else mange it?
Do I need the right to control it or understand the controls?
Do I want to control access and denial?
How will it create value for me?