speaking at m4Life this week


I am speaking at mLife this week in Brighton and will be addressing “The Uniqueness of mobile” 

Abstract : There is no such thing as a mobile strategy or a social media strategy or a digital strategy: there is only strategy.  Having a sexy phone in physical form or thousands of applications is not going to make anyone a winner!  Whilst not having them means you cannot compete, trust and understanding of the Uniqueness of Mobile in a multi-screen world is key to differentiation, segmentation, margin, growth and survival.

Keywords: uniqueness of mobile, multi-screen, trust, reputation, identity, digital footprint, survival, growth, competition, strategy


  1. proposition is that FREE is an exchange for you data, as companies use your data to create a 'new business model'
  2. this exchange is about our definition of privacy
  3. web data is the current FREE model
  4. Mobile provides data that the web companies cannot get, this is why Google has woken up to the fact the Mobile Mobile Mobile is the next place to play
  5. If you can get data from mobile, web and TV what can you do with the data to create value in a multi-screen world
  6. Will people always trade privacy for value - or is this a growing phase to a new business model
  7. What are the links between data and reputation/ identity
  8. Who owns data and why will some be able to compete on unfair terms
  9. Why is understanding what you are trusted for at new strategic imperative