I am speaking at BCS-ISSG Privacy Day - 1st December, 2010.



BCS ISSG Privacy Day Wednesday 1st December 2010.  To be held at the BCS London Offices, Southampton Street, London.

Back by popular demand!  This will be the third “Privacy Day” organised by the ISSG.  It seems that the topic has not gone away.  However, it has evolved.  This year, there will be no discussions on the National ID Card Scheme; some of you may miss this 'hardy annual'.

Privacy is still a major issue and this year we will be considering the reaction of society to privacy concerns, some interesting ideas about the relationship between privacy and the internet, the privacy implications of cloud computing and we will also be returning to the EnCoRe project looking at the giving and revocation of consent for use of personal data.

A provisional list of speakers and registration information are available on the next event page.