Orange dropping all you can eat - will this effect advertising

FT - Orange weighs dropping 'all-you-can-eat' mobile data plans (Source TelecomPaper)


Orange is thinking about changing its pricing approach for mobile internet services because 'all-you-can eat' plans were 'unsustainable', France Telecom-Orange CEO Stephane Richard told the Financial Times. If it starts charging heavy mobile data users more, the operator would be following AT&T and O2 UK in this direction. Richard explained that Orange thinks, as do its peers, "that the explosion of data traffic on mobile networks cannot be managed with unlimited pricing plans". The operator "must consider different approaches combining limited access and quality of service", he added. The CEO also revealed that France Telecom could spend as much as EUR 7 billion on acquisitions to meet its stated objective of doubling emerging market revenues over five years. While stressing that there were no ongoing talks, he said France Telecom was 'potentially interested' in Orascom Telecom's African assets.


I question if the operator has thought through this strategy -