Personal Data Day + discount code

I will attending and working with the team on the Personal Data Day on Friday May 13th at Guoman Tower Hotel, London  The online registration page is at and the 20% discount code is VIP946 (this needs to be entered into the box at the top of the page)

The conversation prism - infographic


Research paper: Did Anybody See That? Smartphone Tracking for Historical Data Retrieval

by Vikram P. Munishwa and Nael B. Abu-Ghazaleh ABSTRACT Smartphones have revolutionized the way in which sensing has been performed traditionally. The people-centric nature of smartphone-based sensing enables them to be a part of participatory or opportunistic sensing, where data is collected on a set of designated smartphones and delivered to a server. In this work, we identify the existence of another type of behavior, where the data is not delivered but archived locally on the phones for later retrieval. This type of behavior is common when the phone users capture some data (e.g. a video clip) out of their own interest. However, this complicates the future data retrievals due to the uncontrolled mobility of the data-capturing smartphones. Specially, the research challenges for later data retrieval include finding the current locations of the required subset of the mobile phones that were present in a specific region at a specific time, without compromising location and identity

Wow! That's one large network.... come back later please.

I wanted to play with some of LinkedIn's social news service , LinkedIn Skills , and  visualisations of your network (above) but could not - anyone been able to play any is it any good?

Something I did not realise Google was doing - cleaver or creepy?

According to Samy Kamkar on this Blog post - and having tried it, it is spot on. android map  exposes the data that Google has been collecting from virtually all Android devices and street view cars, using them essentially as global wardriving machines.  When the phone detects any wireless network, encrypted or otherwise, it sends the BSSID (MAC address) of the router along with signal strength, and most importantly, GPS coordinates up to  the mothership . This page allows you to ping that database and find exactly where any wi-fi router in the world is located.  You can enter any router BSSID/MAC address to locate the exact physical location below, or try his demonstration router by hitting "Probe" ------ Personally tried and it is 100% spot on as per my image. I then looked up the IP address and this told me who owns the IP pipe and most likely the company I am sitting at.  I could do the same with a search at Companies House and the address or you could just

An upside to data collection

Original article is at MarketPlace,  Tuesday, April 26, 2011    Listen to this Story University of Chicago economist Richard Thaler discusses why he believes businesses that (the) collect(ors of) our data should give it back to us so that we can use it. KAI RYSSDAL: There's almost nothing you can do in this digital economy -- from using a smartphone to getting cash out of an ATM -- that doesn't leave some kind of digital footprint. Companies use that data, as we know, to make money -- which for some people rankles on two counts. One, the privacy part of it. Two, it's our data. And more often than not, the businesses that collect it have no interest whatsoever in sharing it with us. University of Chicago economist Richard Thaler says they ought to. Richard Thaler, good to have you with us. RICHARD THALER: Thanks Kai. RYSSDAL: So your basic idea is you want to have companies give all of this data that they gather on us back to us so we can use it. Do I have that ri

Nielsen research - females slightly more worried about privacy of their location. How about where can you add value?

Original blog and more graphics are here Not sure that a margin of 7% is that big or that the concerned, indifferent, no concerned are great buckets - I think this is about headlines rather than a story Most females I know raise different issues about time delays, value, who, sharing, why etc. It would be far better to focus on how you can add value to location?