Here is a controversial startup carbon capture plan — anyone else in?

Humans are made up of

18% of the average person at 140 pounds, 62Kg, 10 stone: is Carbon.

Deaths look like

The question is how to securely airtight wrap bodies, respectively, in poor grade, unreusable recycled plastics and bury the person and plastic deep in an unused mine to long term capture the carbon from the plastic and our remains.

Based on 54 million deaths per year, the opportunity is to remove 62kg * 18% = 602 million KG or 650,000 tons. 100% is highly unlikely due to religion, personal preference and the remoteness of many deaths. However, is 30% of this achievable? — probably.

Focussing just on those countries who cremate through legislative changes and adoption over time of using your last will as an act of kindness to future generations. There is an issue about individual values for memorials and “ashes” — however, most are now scattered which means there is no specific place. We need a better way to remember those who created us.

Does this make a dent? Well yes.

Storage facilities.

We have mined across all counties which have not been backfilled. The biggest issue is one of logistics, contamination and rats and ensuring so we don’t release more carbon than we capture by running this. It is about being respectful and finding a way that those who care about future generations (50% of the population) and enabling them to be instrumental in using their body to take carbon out. Can it become part of a Living Will?

Is this something you would consider — being wrapped or want to get involved in setting up?