The laws of 1% - how far before you reach a revolution?

What happens when we decrease life support by 1%

Taking water down by 1% per day once you pass a threshold of low water intake and death is a certainty in the short term (blue line).  Taking food down by 1% per day, once you pass a threshold, death is a certainty, but it is slower to take you from life than reducing water (green line). Taking lifestyle or experience down by 1% per day gets more challenging and more complex, and you will likely die earlier, but death is not facing you (black line).  We all die, but lack of water means it happens now, lack of food means it happens soon, lack of lifestyle means life could have been longer (black line).  Leaving purple as the optimal.

When reducing water by 1%, you reach a point very quickly where revolution is worth it as there is nothing to lose.   When reducing food by 1%, you reach a point slowly where revolution is worth it as there is less to lose. Still, if you go too far beyond the point when you have agency and capacity from sufficient food, you lose the ability to win the revolution. And you have just enough; why give it up?  Reducing lifestyle by 1% revolution may happen when sufficient have nothing left to lose, which may never come. 

Taking away can lead to revolution. How to prevent revolution, improve by 1%

What happens when we increase life support by 1%

Increasing water by 1% per day, once you pass a threshold of high water intake, death is a certainty from drowning (blue line) but is very hard to enforce.  Increasing food by 1% per day, there is no threshold where death is a certainty because it is so slow. Increasing lifestyle or experience by 1% per day gets more straightforward, and you will die from something but death is not facing you (black line).  Whilst we all die, too much water, food or lifestyle puts death into the distance, and you have agency and choice. 


Making Stability look like 1% per year

When change happens at 1% per day, we notice, when does 1% looks like stability?  A week, month or year.  If I change water, food or lifestyle up or down by 1% per year, life will not change much. However, if down, you will reach a point in 20 years where you can smell revolution. If up, do we become comfortably numb and depend on hope that rather than change. 

Is growth just a mask for the prevention of a power change?  How much will you have to lose before a revolution?

If the climate changes up by 1% per year - how long will it take?  If the climate changes down by 1% - how long will it take?