Rethinking the Borad

Interesting article here at DEMYST by Neil Tsappis and Dr Tamara Rusell, presenting principles for a new boardroom operating model.  Worth a read.

Worth picking up on several themes

1. diversity at the board - and the assumption that balance is what we want to achieve.  Balance in representation and balance in decisions/ judgment. Compremise may not be the right answer.

2.  Huristics - assumes we have rules, most boards I would suggest have to continually create new ways of working and understanding, therefore resting back on ways of doing something is not going to get to better decisions.

3. fully agree with the market articulation, faster, quicker and more complex.  But we don't actually question the structure of the board and its role.  It apppers to be sacrosanct.   I have explored a few times Organistion 2.0 - where we question the entire thinking. 

4. It does not address the skills gap in data - this to me is something we have to do.

love their work and makes me think