What makes someone good at judgment?

"I’ve found that leaders with good judgment tend to be good listeners and readers—able to hear what other people actually mean, and thus able to see patterns that others do not. They have a breadth of experiences and relationships that enable them to recognize parallels or analogies that others miss—and if they don’t know something, they’ll know someone who does and lean on that person’s judgment. They can recognize their own emotions and biases and take them out of the equation.

They’re adept at expanding the array of choices under consideration. Finally, they remain grounded in the real world: In making a choice they also consider its implementation."

Fantastic paper  https://hbr.org/2020/01/the-elements-of-good-judgment

SIR ANDREW LIKIERMAN is a professor at London Business
School and a director of Times Newspapers and the Beazley
Group, both also in London. He has served as dean at LBS and is
a former director of the Bank of England.