programmable money - the big idea

I had the pleasure of hosting @ledaglyptis on mashup*.  We chatted about programmable money. A central theme was about gaining acceptance of a “big idea.”   Programmable money, cryptocurrency, control of money, tracking, avoiding fraud, CBDC are all part of a big idea, which we concluded has a few issues.  However, Leda beautifully draws on her background as a political scientist and gave us this thinking.

Starting from a Big Idea that will struggle to gain acceptance as is it a jump to far for ordinary citizens, companies and capital steps in to make and create acceptable use cases.   These are adopted by niche markets who gain value and benefits.  Slowly many capital-backed incremental, agile acceptable use cases become a wider acceptance which means we end up with the badly thought through Big Idea. Is this a back door or just humanity and now do we pick up all the known problems which are now at scale - create a new BIG IDEA!  

The question is how do we add into the loop solving known social problems with the Big Idea at an earlier stage?  We know programmable money has great use cases which are attracting new venture money, we know this will eventually disenfranchise the poor as they cannot access or use funds as free agents.  Who, when and how do we solve the social issues as we create wealth.  Perhaps this is true ESG reporting and better governance.  One for another mashup*