What can we do to make data more human in 2013?


What can we do to make data more human in 2013?

Executives need to understand and experience data ownership.  We generate data but we cannot visualise it.  Why not provide tools to visualize and explore data, and show the worth and utility of the information that you can derive.  Could make for an interesting board meeting.

Executive lead transparent, open and balanced conversations about data and ethics.  I start with asking questions that help form models for thinking about data and how leadership teams come to their own opinions on data, based on personal experience and therefore have different perspectives about data.  Differences and gaps in thinking leads to friction about how to treat their own personal data, how to treat customer data and gaps between company branding messaging and expectations.  These gaps can lead to frictions which mean teams cannot move forward with a common approach on how to treat customer data. Here are previous blog that bring these models together.

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Executives look at customers as participants and not as sources of disposable income. Data is a new kind of resource entirely. There is a need to foster a deeper understanding of data in the context of customers, work, relationship, influence and society.  As the science of data leads us in one direction, we should balance our discussions with those who are leading understanding from humanities, arts and music…. as a balance to too much fact.  Could make for an interesting board meeting.

The book cover featured is “ Is Data Human” This book is for trekkies and questions whether Data (the android) is or can become as human as human is?