People aren't conflicted about privacy - they just appear that way #simondavies #privacy


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People often ask me to explain why privacy seems such a incongruous concept. Why is it that people who proclaim to love privacy will sometimes cheerfully give it away? Why do some people who oppose ID cards because they are instruments of government intrusion, contemporaneously support national security powers that are an embodiment of government intrusion?

I’ll make an attempt to explain – and please forgive me if this starts off a little simplistically. It’s a surprisingly complex question and I want to tread cautiously.

The family is an ideal microcosm to begin exploring the dynamics.

Imagine the family unit as a miniature nation state. The parents have a protective role, and the children – while dependant – assert certain rights and freedoms. The equation between the two is delicate. In most cases, where successful, it triumphs through negotiation. To nurture trust the parent must agree some areas that are “off limits” and the child must have the right to argue for those limits.

Simon’s closing comment is “On reflection I conclude that they increasingly base their reaction on the tests of fairness and consistency. The more I consider this matter, the more I come around to the belief that there isn’t an incongruity in the public mind – there’s merely deception and incongruity in the mindset of those responsible for promoting surveillance.”

Thought provoking and love it